Houses EP

by Losing Teeth

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Diana I love learning about local bands and Im so happy to have found one with such extraordinary talent that I can't get bored listening to Favorite track: Houses.
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released February 21, 2016

All of the recording, mixing and mastering were done by Brian Watkins of Vanadium Studios. Artwork by Tadd Martin



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Losing Teeth Tampa, Florida

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Track Name: Houses
Abandoned houses, and open doors
Breaking walls in, and sweeping floors
Flip up my mattress, and burn my sheets
You’re spreading the ashes through your teeth

Throwing dirt out, you’re throwing dirt around
Grabbed your shovel, grabbed my past and now you’re breaking me down
I don’t want to go to sleep, I don’t want to go to sleep
When you’re killing all my sheep, when you’re killing all my sheep

I’d tell you I’m fine, but truth is I’m losing my mind
And my fires burnt out but I’ll say it’s burning bright

Broken houses
My house is broken in

And I can’t stop shaking the thought of the thief in my sheets
And the thoughts won’t go away
She just took what she wanted and left, cause they never stay
Track Name: Artificial
It's safe to say I've gotten used to being alone,
And calling this empty nest inside my chest a home
Well, if that's where the heart is then I guess I should've left
Because the sticks you use to break my bones built solid stones inside my head

My knuckles are bleeding the walls are feeding and the madness still grows as long as my heart still beating
I can stare for hours directly at my worn out flesh and sit and scream to God please fill this hole inside my chest

But what was there's now rotted out, whatever was there's now dead
Rip out my hollow thoughts and give me sanity instead
Oh God I just want to be sane

All these broken fragments are just pieces of me, and we both know my hearts not as strong as it used to be
So apply the prosthetics and artificial feeling lay the bait and cast your nets sit back and wait for vicious feeding
Eat my skin until I'm nothing I'll be more than I am now I don't miss you I just miss the way you made me feel alive

You were mine and I was yours, (x3)
I just miss the way you made me feel alive

You were mine and I was yours, we were both just stupid teens
And we thought we knew what love was
But had no clue what it means
You were mine, and I was yours (x4)
Now I'm just mine, and you’re just yours (x3)
I'm just mine
Track Name: Soles
Take off your shoes, leave them at the door
And maybe if you do
You won’t walk all over me anymore
Take off your mask, leave it in my room
The same place you left your clothes when you told me you loved me too
I can’t believe I believed you

I’ve got a lot of hard questions, but I don’t have the guts to ask them
Like, did you find yourself, when you found someone else?
You still haunt me every day and that is too hard to admit
I’d tell you to be okay, but I’m done playing the hypocrite
So I’ll just quit

I’ve felt lost for the longest time, cause I thought what you said was true
And I have faith in a God cause I’ve lost it in you

Close your eyes, what do you see?
You see yourself, or do you see me?
It’s not the fact that you messed up, it’s absence of sincere apology

Well this is life, this is growing up
I spent so much time breaking down that I never learned how to be strong enough
This is life, this growing up
I spent how much time breaking down that I never learned how to start picking myself back up

This is life, and I’m lucky to be alive
On my back was the world, in my were those nights
Rest easy, knowing you’re not on my mind
Track Name: Stone
I'll sleep with the lights on
Just in case you come back home
Ill look with my eyes locked
On the things that made you who you were
Cause they made you who you were

You were stolen and I'm sorry
I can't do a thing, but I'm trying
You left too soon, and I miss you
But I know you'd want me to pull through

I got up off my knees, left the dirt at your grave
I'll be back next week, I've got plenty more to say

Flowers brand new, but they'll grow old
Come back down, warm me up cause I'm so cold
Flowers were brand new, but they'll grow old
Come back down, warm me up cause I'm so cold
The flowers are brand new, but they'll grow old
Come back down, warm me up cause I'm so cold

God knows I miss you, I'm sure He told you
If you hear this and you're sad let him hold you
Just like you used to hold me
I'm a much bigger fan of the old me

Kid keep your chin up
Keep your head high
I'm more afraid to live than I am to die

At the end of the day
The end of the road
You've got a diamond
And I've got a stone